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Commercial tile contractors specialize in enhancing industrial spaces, considering factors like tile types, aesthetics, and functionality. They handle large projects efficiently, ensuring precise installation and minimal maintenance for cost-effective benefits. Terra Tile & Stone offers expert services for commercial flooring jobs, including repairs, replacements, and installations, guaranteeing professional, on-time work.

Types Of Tile Available

In commercial tile installations, the most popular types of tile include durable and stylish options like porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone.


Porcelain tile has the toughness and low maintenance suited for commercial spaces, with high resistance to wear and stains. Diverse designs also offer long-term cost-effective aesthetics.


Ceramic tile offers versatility in commercial installations with durability, easy upkeep, and resistance to moisture and stains. Diverse options fulfill functional and aesthetic goals for lasting appeal.

Natural Stone

Natural stone tile adds elegance and uniqueness to commercial spaces with its luxurious look, durability, and resistance to wear. Suitable for temperature-sensitive environments despite higher maintenance requirements.

Why Choose Commercial Tile


This product is designed for high-traffic commercial spaces, resisting wear, moisture, and stains from daily use.

Low Maintenance

Tile's low maintenance saves on long-term costs, with routine cleaning and allergen resistance promoting a healthier indoor environment.

Aesthetic Versatility

Tiles offer design versatility in colors, patterns, and finishes, allowing for diverse aesthetics in commercial spaces.


This product excels in durability, withstanding high-traffic demands, wear, moisture, and stains. Replacement is seldom needed,saving long-term costs.


Commercial tile is low-maintenance, ideal for businesses. Routine cleaning  simplifies upkeep. Occasional resealing, especially for natural stone tiles, ensures longevity.

Experienced Commercial Flooring Installers

When it comes to commercial flooring installation, relying on experienced professionals is crucial. Poorly installed flooring can lead to financial losses, delays, and harm to a business’s reputation. At Terra Tile & Stone, we have built a stellar reputation in the industry by assembling a top-notch team of flooring experts. With over 16 years of experience, we guarantee high-quality service delivered on time and within your budget. Trust us for a flawless flooring installation experience.

After selecting the right flooring for your project, the installation process begins. Our certified installers are well-trained to ensure proper installation while adhering to safety protocols and paying meticulous attention to detail. Before starting your project, we establish a comprehensive project plan that includes all safety procedures. Throughout the project, you can expect ongoing communication and updates to ensure a smooth and successful installation.

At Terra Tile & Stone, we understand the importance of a well-executed commercial flooring installation. Our dedication to quality, safety, and effective communication sets us apart as a trusted choice for your flooring needs. Count on us for the best flooring installation experience you’ve ever had, backed by our years of expertise and commitment to excellence in the field.

Commercial Tile Contractors

Commercial tile contractors offer an excellent solution for business owners looking to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of their commercial spaces through tile flooring installation. Tile flooring is renowned for its durability and adaptability, making it well-suited to withstand the challenges of high foot traffic and the diverse demands of commercial environments.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are commonly used in commercial settings due to their robustness and longevity. In addition to its durability, tile flooring offers benefits like easy maintenance, straightforward installation, and an attractive appearance.

Collaborating with skilled commercial tile contractors can streamline the installation process, saving valuable time and resources for your business. This efficiency minimizes disruptions to your operations, ensuring a consistent customer base and uninterrupted traffic flow. Tile flooring also boasts resistance to moisture, resilience to high temperatures, and the ability to repel stains and spills, making it an exceptional choice for commercial spaces.

The Installation Process For Commercial Tile

From The Start to The Finished Project

Commercial tile installation consists of three stages. First, thorough surface preparation ensures a level, defect-free substrate. Skilled professionals execute the installation, securing tiles with adhesive or mortar and precise grouting. Post-installation, the area is cleaned, touched up, and sealed for enhanced durability and aesthetics.

First Stage Of Installation

The initial stage involves meticulous preparation, including surface inspection, cleanliness, leveling, and accurate measurements with a layout plan.

Second Stage Of Installation

Professionals execute installation, placing tiles according to the design plan, securing them with adhesive or mortar, and completing the look with precise grouting.

Third Stage Of Installation

Post-installation, the area undergoes cleaning, touch-ups, and adjustments, with proper curing time allowed. Sealant application may enhance durability and aesthetics.

If you’re in the Greater Portland area and in need of commercial subcontractors, our expert team is here to meet your project’s needs with precision and professionalism.

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